With headquarters in São Paulo, offices in Brasília and Goiânia, and representation in various parts of Brazil and abroad, BNZ Lawyers Associated Lawyers is formed by a team of lawyers, paralegals and multidisciplinary technicians, highly qualified in all areas of the Law (full service).

With qualified lawyers, the firm has a global view to find the best solutions, in addition to always maintain a solid relationship of trust and commitment with its clients and partners. The firm currently has 130 professionals, the majority being post-graduate lawyers and specialists in the different branches of the Law. Our professionals speak various languages.

By employing the best legal technique and constant updating of the team of lawyers, we seek the most perfect solution for each case, serving both individuals as well as companies, combining maximum efficiency and quality. The services provided include preventive and/or litigation, in the administrative, judicial and also arbitration. To this end, we rely on a body of interns from the best colleges; a Research/Intelligence department that conducts a technical search for the best affirmation, doctrine and jurisprudence; a paralegal body and multidisciplinary professionals, including engineers of various specialties, economists, auditors, accountants, among others, as well as a Committee of Jurists composed by renowned professionals.

In other words, BNZ Associated Lawyers is a firm that has tradition, ethics and professional governance, which combines modernity and the delivery of technically perfect service, focused on the excellence of legal solutions.


The symbolism of wheat for
BNZ Lawyers

Symbol of prosperity in many cultures, wheat
reminds us of the good things in life:
Bread, that families break together, the story of mankind, the beginning of agriculture.
Wheat has been around since man started planting crops, some ten thousand years ago. It even had an essential role in writing: people say writing was invented by the Sumerians specifically to record trade and control surpluses of food, including wheat.
The symbolism of wheat is a source of inspiration for the team at BNZ Lawyers Associados to cultivate the firm’s values and make commitments to society. With this image, we sow new projects and wish our clients, friends and partners prosperity.

Social Responsibility

As a contribution to society, the firm of BNZ Lawyers Associados is committed to fostering Brazilian culture, through its support to the Federation of Friends of the Museums of Brazil (Feambra); to encouraging sport (through sponsorship of athletes); to supporting education and social assistance, through Reciclázaro, an entity that looks after some 10% of the people who live on the streets of São Paulo; to developing patriotism and citizenship, through the Eu Amo o Brazil (“I love Brazil“) association (EAB), which proposes ways of resolving the concerns of the population.


BNZ Lawyers is delighted to announce that we are one of the 500 most admired firms in Brazil. The 2016 edition of Análise Advocacia 500 has just arrived, and it mentions our firm in three different categories: in “Specialists”, in the Consumer area; in “Economic Sector”, in the Healthcare area; and also as one of the most admired firms in the state of São Paulo.